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Welcome to our Website

Third Party Administrators, Inc. was built on a simple idea and a belief. An idea that bringing dedicated administration professionals together would create a solid and viable firm and a belief that hard work and a strong service orientation would be a catalyst for growth. Today we administer more than 700 qualified retirement plans for all types of entities in various industries: a tangible testament to our original idea and belief.

Our talents and skills lie in the design, administration and testing services of Internal Revenue Code Qualified Group Retirement Plans. Our core management team has combined experience of over 100 years in the qualified retirement plan industry. We understand the everyday issues facing businesses and are familiar with corporate and personal tax planning concepts. The ability to see the "big picture" enables us to design your retirement plan to ensure that it initially meets the organization and employee needs, and that it continues to meet these needs. Being a truly independent third party administration firm (no investment products are sold by TPA, Inc.) means our recommendations are in the customers’ best interest rather than in ours. We work for you and understand that in order to retain your business we must continually satisfy your retirement plan needs.

Third Party Administrators, Inc. will continue to evolve as new technology is developed, as new qualified retirement plan law is enacted or the old repealed and as the marketplace creates new products and services. We continually strive to stay on top of these sector developments so that we bring you the latest in plan design ideas, so that we affiliate with only the best 401k investment platform providers to bring you the latest in technology solutions and so that our staff is knowledgeable in every aspect of administration in order to provide the highest level of service possible. However, the underlying theme remains constant: hard work and a strong service orientation.

These are a few of the reasons why accountants, brokers, insurance agents, attorneys and other professionals who you count on for advice choose to work with Third Party Administrators, Inc. When you need a top-notch retirement plan design, administration, testing and consulting firm… WE’LL BE HERE.

Navigating our Website

This website was designed to be easily navigated, functional and an instrument to introduce you to our firm. We hope you find it so. Primarily designed to ease the Plan Administrator’s duties of administering their company’s qualified retirement plan(s), it may also be utilized by plan participants.

In the ABOUT US section we have provided an introduction of each staff member. There are photographs of each staff member available helping you "put a face with the name." We hope you find this section informative and helps answers the question "Who is administering my plan?"

The FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) section will help the newly appointed Plan Administrator, and employees, understand industry terminology by defining terms such as Plan Administrator, Vesting Schedule, 401(k) Plan, Eligibility, Third Party Administrator and many other frequently used terms. There are also answers to many general questions an employee or Plan Administrator may have such as "How does eligibility work?" "When can I join the plan?" or "When am I eligible to receive a distribution of my account balance?" We hope this section provides a tool for answering questions you may not know or are embarrassed to ask.

The LINKS section of our website provides a quick jump to other sites that you may find useful. There are links to investment sites with which we are affiliated as a third party administrator. For Plan Administrators, if you are utilizing any of the investment/insurance companies listed in this section you have already received access instructions from these companies for plan related information. Plan participants have already received access information from the applicable company for account balance information, daily trading and many other features. Therefore, these links have been provided as a convenience to Plan Administrators and plan participants while they’re surfing our site. There are also other links that might prove helpful such as the Social Security Administration website. This section of our website will be updated from time to time as we identify sites that will provide information for Plan Administrators and plan participants as they continue their journey towards a financially secure retirement.

The NEWS section of our website provides access to viewing and downloading our firm’s quarterly newsletter. Our newsletter contains timely articles about newly enacted retirement plan law, articles about avoiding pitfalls in administering a qualified plan such as not forgetting about part-time employees or leased employees, an "Ask the Expert" column and many other features. Take a look. It’s another example of how our firm is committed to yours in teaming to administer your plan successfully. This section will be updated periodically as new versions of our newsletter are available as well as with articles we feel have an impact on your retirement plan.

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